Protecting Your Home from Extreme Weather – Summer Edition

Each season in the Atlantic provinces brings its own set of challenges. But if you prepare for the summer and winter seasons in the spring and fall, you can avoid damage, annoyance, and extra costs!

1. Get your Air Conditioning system checked before it’s urgent

We’ve all experienced those scorching summer days where all we can think about is retuning home and being greeted by a refreshing wave of cool air, but instead realize that it’s hotter inside your house than outside…because your AC isn’t working. Avoid that living nightmare by making sure your system is fully functional before the heat wave begins, that way you can get it fixed early on. While you’re getting your system checked, also ask a professional to make sure there are no ventilation leaks. This will keep your home cooler, but also ensure you’re not spending too much money on air conditioning.

2.  Set up a programmable thermostat

Don’t constantly worry about the temperature of your home by setting up a device that lets you program automatic controls. This not only makes it easier to maintain over the summer, but is also efficient on cost and energy. For extra savings, set the temperature higher when no one’s home and make sure you close all your doors and windows on your way out.

3. Keep excess heat outside by protecting your windows

Windows are the easiest way for heat to make its way inside your home, so make sure to strategically plant shady shrubs and trees, or set up awnings or screens to serve as an extra layer of protection. An afternoon of work, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

4. Stop bugs from cooling off inside your house

Bugs like spiders and ants usually hibernate in the winter, but in the summer months, they’ll be looking for shade just as much as you. Make sure to proof your house by sealing any cracks or leaks, maintaining all your vegetation, and spraying repellant along the perimeter (which can be pesticide or a homemade remedy).

5. Prepare for more than sunshine by water proofing your house

Summer isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it’s also a popular time for thunderstorms and flooding. To ensure you don’t experience water damage, seal any cracks and leaks—especially in your basement, get your roof and gutters checked, and properly seal all your windows. The small renovations and inspections may be a nuisance in the moment, but you’ll thank yourself later on.