New (and not so new) Trends in Homebuilding for 2020 and Beyond

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Number 1: Sustainable, environmentally friendly

Not surprisingly, environmentally friendly features are coming into the mainstream of modern home design and construction in the 2020s. A focus on quality materials and above-code building standards is a marked difference from the trends of the past few years. Another big buzzword for 2020 is indoor environmental quality (IEQ) which considers occupant health, comfort, and productivity by maximizing proper ventilation and moisture control, acoustics and healthy air. 

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Number 2: Open Concept

Another long-term trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the open floor plan. Families today prefer a home design that is less closed off and more open and focused on a combination of function and flow. In fact, open concepts now often include most of the first floor, only leaving storage or auxiliary rooms closed off. 

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Number 3: Quiet Spaces

Despite the desire for more open spaces for the family to gather, another residential building trend in 2020 are intentional, planned quiet spaces. Home offices have been a major design feature for many years, but quiet spaces are going one step further. Home quiet spaces aren’t just devoid of noise, they’re also pleasing to the eye with soothing white or cream coloured walls, large windows to catch natural light, and minimal furniture.

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Number 4: Custom Extras

Homebuilders across the country are adding design features and custom unique design options as they seek to create more than just another “house on the block.” A strong focus on creating lifestyle solutions and creative touches started a few years ago and haven’t slowed down.

From specialty storage to “hidden” rooms, pet-specific design features to multi-use spaces, homeowners are pushing the envelope when thinking about how their home will work best for them.