The Best New Home Features for Pets  

A recent survey conducted by the Canadian Veterinarian Association found that 35% of Canadian households have a dog, while 38% have a cat, and just about every one of those households consider their pets to be part of the family, which means that pets are now getting their own features in custom builds.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas, both for interior and exterior custom design!


Bathing Station

Walk-in pet showers that have handheld shower heads installed closer to the ground and a large drain to handle pet hair makes bathing your furry friend a breeze. Built into a utility room and using wet-room design features, clean-up is quick and easy.

Custom Doors

While practical, baby gates are unattractive and get in the way. When deciding on your home design, consider having custom doors installed in critical locations throughout the house. Half-height, sliding pocket doors or stable doors provide the option of keeping pets where you want them.

Feeding Station

Built-in feeding stations mean there’s no more spilled water or tripping over your pet’s food dish. Consider a sliding drawer designed to hold pet bowls that can be tucked in when feeding time is over. Placed at the end of the cabinet with a water spigot to refresh the water bowl makes things easier and cleaner, especially with a designated cabinet for your pet’s favourite food and treats.


When picking out the flooring in your custom home, consider both hardness and ease of cleanup. Softwoods are easily scratched, and pet accidents can stain if not cleaned up quickly. Hardwoods like bamboo are a great option. Stone or ceramic tiles are less likely to stain and are easy to clean up. Several luxury vinyl floorings are both scratch and stain-resistant.

Pet Rooms

While designing your home, consider adding a pet room, which can be as simple as creating a sleeping nook or as extensive as allocating a private space for your pet to sleep and play. Your pet can rest and play there when you are out of the house, and it’s a great spot to store toys and food. It’s also space where your pet will feel safe during a thunderstorm.


Enclosed Patio

For your special indoor cat that enjoys basking in the sun, enclose your patio. Add climbing posts and perches so your cat gets some extra exercise.


Most dogs love to take a dip in the pool, but it can be unsafe if they decide to take a lap when no one is around to help them out. A lagoon-style gradual entrance or large steps can be installed when the pool is being added. Other options are a small splash pad, tanning ledge, or shelf where the pup can lie down.


Older dogs often have trouble going up and down the stairs. Consider adding a ramp to decks and porches, so older pets don’t have to use the stairs. Ramps can also reduce joint damage and prevent injuries in younger dogs, especially those prone to back problems like dachshunds and basset hounds. 

Talk to us about the best new home features for pets as you start planning your new home construction.

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