5 TV Homes We Wish We Had Built

These are the houses we basically grew up in, because TV houses – unlike sets from movies – become so familiar every week (or over a weekend if you’re bingeing them on Netflix) that we feel like we know every inch.

These are just a few of the iconic homes we wish we had built, and/or that we’d gladly live in permanently!


This iconic San Fransisco home might look like it’s not quite big enough to house that many people, but the layout allowed for privacy for multiple families all at once.



Francis and Claire Underwood’s home is a classy, sleek, and oh-so-secretive enclave, the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of DC life.



Amanda Clarke-Porter’s amazing beach pad could totally fit in our area – imagine waking up to the Atlantic Ocean every morning through those windows!



So obviously the only thing we would borrow from Tony Soprano is his style – but this amazing home would make for awesome staycations (and possible planning of whacks and/or hits, if that’s your thing.)



Jay & Gloria certainly didn’t downsize as he started looking at retirement – and who can blame them? From that kitchen to die for to the fantastic layout to those closets…this is truly a dream home.